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8 Things you probably didn't know about your subconscious mind.
Well worth reading... & then discover how I can help you!

* * * 20th JULY 2019 * * *

Another busy week in the Hypnotherapy room.  My inspirational clients motivate me to help them achieve the changes they desire... & the results are incredible.  Happy Girl! x


Far too often, we only appreciate this when it is too late.   


DON'T because an Illness Statistic - Prevention is Better Than Cure.


Book your Initial Consultation TODAY & start looking after your Wellness.   

DO NOT allow Anxiety to dominate your life.


Easier said than done?


Come along for an Initial Consultaion & find out how to change the way you think.  


Anxiety can managed & better still, it can be beaten.   


Simply by talking to your subconscious mind, old & unwanted habits can be broken.   


Call 07771 906532 to make your appointment... TODAY



Recognise one of these behaviours?

Identify more than one of these behaviours?


Please be kind to yourself & treat the most important person in your world... Yourself.


Call now to arrange an informal, easy-going Consultation. 


The only thing you have to lose are the benefits.


Tel: Naomi on  07771 906532



Anxiety ruling your life?

Destroying your dreams?

Controlling your thoughts?


Please feel free to come along for an informal chat & let me show you how you can overcome your anxiety.


We have ONE life... it is far too precious to allow it to be bullied by anxiety.


Call Naomi NOW to arrange your confidential Initial Consultation.


Tel: 07771 906532


So pleased to have helped this young man achieve his goal, using Solution Focused HypnotherapyWINNER of TRANSFORMATION CATEGORY in the Pure Elite Championships, held on 1 April 2017 in Margate.

...Now for the World Championships in October! 


March / April / May 2019


I am delighted to be able to offer 'Relaxation/ Exam Strategy & Focus' Sessions for O'Level/GCSE & A'Level Students.  The aim is to help students organise revision timetables, create a structured & positve attitude towards studying, focus on targets & feel confident during the exam period.  


JUST £45.00

Relaxation Treatments Available

Relaxation Taster Sessions (prior to Hypnotherapy)  & Gift Vouchers are also available.




Still wondering if Hypnotherapy can work for you?


Look at these statistics & judge for yourself.


Is this YOU....?

(or someone close to you...?)


Need help & support ....?


Call 07771 906 532 or email to arrange a friendly & informative consultation.



Want to give up Smoking....?


.....Tried everything....?


I am proud to be qualified in the

Art & Technique of

Smoking Cessation.





Weight Loss Treatment 



Gastric Band 


Naomi de Mendoza

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Dip H., M.S.S.O.H., M.H.F.A.,

Dip. Child Psychology 



Tel: 07771 906 532


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