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In simple terms...  withhout getting too technical or scientific...


We have two states of mind - The Conscious & The Sub-Concious.  

During everyday life you use your conscious mind to make decisions & carry out routines.   Your sub-conscious mind works in the background.   It stores information, memories & habits.


During hypnosis the client is guided into a lovely, enhanced state of relaxation. creating an 'altered state of consciousness'.  Once in this state, the sub-conscious mind becomes very alert. The conscious mind (left side of the brain) 'has a little snooze', whilst the alert sub-conscious mind (right side of the brain) receives new thoughts & suggestions given by the hypnotist; negative thoughts are replaced with positive, inspirational, desirable & transforming ones.


The technique does not involve the client being put into a deep sleep.


The client remains fully aware of the situation & their surroundings and cannot be made to do anything they would not ordinarily choose to do.  

Many parents are now choosing Hypnotherapy to help their child overcome unwanted behaviours & mood disorders that are negatively affecting the quality of their lives.   In an age of socail media, expectation & peer pressure, Hypnotherapy can help to strengthen a child's existing or underdeveloped skills in self-regulation, discipline & self-esteem.    

CRB/DBS Checked (January 2017)​ 

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Dip. Child Psychology 



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